Freelance Business Services is an Australian owned freelance agency Freelance Help Australia Freelance Business Servicesspecialising in helping small business by providing quality, Australian freelancers. We provide the link between incredibly talented, qualified freelancers and small business that want and need results.

We understand that being in small business is hectic and often, small business needs a little help to grow and take the next steps in their business. Freelance Business Services provides the expertise you need to succeed, and to grow.

We provide “virtual” talent, meaning your small business doesn’t have to have the space for an additional “body”, we do it all online.

By utilising Freelance Business Services pool of talent you can forget about the stress of employees and high on-costs and relax knowing your short or long term projects are being taken care of by a qualified, talented, hand picked freelancer.

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How did Freelance Business Services come about?

Freelance Business Services was founded by two Australian businesswomen who noticed the small businesses around them struggling with everyday tasks and large projects that they simply couldn’t do themselves. Whether it be a lack of resources, or expertise they saw a large gap in the market. While they saw that consultants existed in some areas they noticed that their fees were out of budget for most small businesses and so Freelance Business Services was born.

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How can Freelance Business Services help my business?

Freelance Business Services has developed a list of talented freelancers with wide ranging areas of expertise. These talented individuals are known as our “freelancers”. When you send a request to Freelance Business Services we analyse your requests, and desired outcomes or goals and match your small business with the freelancer or freelancers who are best suited to you.

See the listing below of some of the services Freelance Business Services can provide.

Have something in mind that isn’t on the list? Contact us and we will do our best to fulfil your request.

Buy yourself time to help your business grow.

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“With the assistance of Freelance Business Services I have been able to focus on growing my business. They have helped with all the little things I have been trying to get around to for months.”